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A Reliable Partnership for Custom Market Research and Industry Analysis

Mithras Investments, LLC (Mithras Investments) is a full range business research, analysis and consulting firm serving global companies that span multiple industries. Through market research, industry analysis, due diligence and risk assessment, Mithras Investments guides businesses in making sound and lucrative investment decisions. Our team also strategically negotiates investment contracts and acquisition of other companies to make our clients more competitive and profitable.

Mithras Investments has advised top 500 U.S. corporations for the past 10 years. Our firm partners with several different U.S. and foreign consulting firms to secure multimillion-dollar projects in a manner that best meets our clients’ needs.

About Mithras Investments

The global economy offers companies and venture capitalists ample opportunities for growth and successful investments. However, competition to companies and investment firms now comes from every region of the world, meaning businesses have to work harder than ever to gain an edge. Mithras Investments taps into our substantial network of qualified market research and consulting firms located in the United States, Middle East, Asia, South America and Europe to deliver efficient, reliable services to every client. By consulting with Mithras Investments our clients  gain the greater advantage they need to grow and profit.

Strategy for Today’s Economy

Companies must constantly reevaluate their strategies and risks to keep pace with fluctuating global trends. Mithras Investments anticipates crucial developments based on due diligence, risk analysis and research that target our clients’ specific industries and individual businesses. We negotiate acquisitions that improve our clients’ positioning in the marketplace and provide dependable, effective customer care. Our consulting services are backed by hard data and experience to accurately read how our research findings affect our clients. Mithras Investments services are designed to help each of our clients build a strategy for today’s economy.

Industries Served by our Global Consulting Team

Each industry is governed by unique laws and prevailing issues. In addition, each country has its own political and legal criteria that can drastically change the approach to industry matters. Mithras Investments’ industry-specific consulting and analytic services deliver valuable resources to companies doing business around the globe. Our knowledgeable consulting team works with multinational companies and venture capital firms involved in banking, information technology, manufacturing, media, retail, telecom, and utilities sectors.

An Outside Perspective for Your In-House Problem

Businesses count on Mithras Investments for a knowledge-based outside perspective to handle their in-house problems. Our firm offers business, industry and capability insights to our clients that answer the most important question: will this business profit?

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To learn more about services offered by Mithras Investments to multinational corporations across the globe, call our consulting firm at + 1-305-517-7911 or send us an email using our online system. Our existing clients can also use our convenient client login terminal.