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5 Recruiting Trends Shaping HR in 2017

Posted June 22, 2017 in Articles

Recruiting trends are often a microcosm for broader shifts in society. In order to recruit top talent, human resources departments must know not only how to communicate with job candidates, but also how to offer attractive (and competitive) employment opportunities. Recruiting executives and personnel need to stay ahead in order to provide their companies with a competitive edge.

Here are some of the trends we have seen impacting the recruiting landscape so far in 2017:

1. Data-Driven Recruitment

While “Big Data” was once viewed by many as a fad, in 2017, data is the foundation of many companies’ recruitment strategies. The more you know about your candidates (what they want, what they expect and what drives them to succeed) and your competitors (what they are doing to win the talent war), the better you can structure and streamline your recruitment processes.

2. Consolidation of HR Technology Providers

With the rise of data-driven recruitment and a greater shift toward online talent acquisition, we are seeing a boom of startup tech companies focusing on the human resources space. Now that Big Data in HR is officially here, the blue chips are starting to get involved. Expect to see smaller providers swallowed up in acquisitions and HR-focused products being offered as components of larger software licensing suites.

3. A Greater Focus on Retention

It is easier and less expensive to promote from within, and employees at all levels almost universally value having access to advancement opportunities. Despite this, in years past, human resources departments across all industries have tended to focus the majority of their recruiting efforts on promoting job opportunities to potential outside hires. In 2017, we are seeing much more of a shift toward focusing on employee retention as a form of recruitment.

4. Greater Acceptance of “Contingent” Hires

While it is still important to many employees, job stability does not necessarily have the cache that it used to. Broadly speaking, in 2017, workers and employers alike are much more open to project-based and short-term positions (or “gigs”) offered on a contract basis. The “on-demand” job economy has grown significantly in recent years, and we see this as a long-term trend continuing well beyond 2017.

5. Consumer-Oriented Job Marketing

In 2017, top job candidates expect a personalized experience. They expect to be impressed, and if they are not, they will look elsewhere. Today, more than ever before, promoting an employment position requires the same skills and mindset as promoting a product or service. If you know what candidates want (and you have it to offer), you will occupy a much more competitive position in the recruiting environment.

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