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What’s New in CX for 2019?

Posted February 18, 2019 in Articles

New developments in technology are driving customer demand, and they are also driving changes in customer experience (CX). As new technologies become mainstream and as customers become aware of the capabilities that companies now have (or should have, at least in their minds), companies of all sizes must be prepared to invest in CX in order to avoid falling behind the times.

Here are five trends that appear poised to redefine CX in 2019:

1. Rethinking Core Business Models in Order to Adapt to Change

Recently, we have seen Ford abandon sedans, most automakers roll out electric or hybrid vehicles, Amazon open physical stores, and numerous brands transition to selling exclusively online. All of these transitions involve major technological elements, and they also reflect these companies’ acknowledgement that sometimes it is necessary to rethink core business models in order to adapt to change. Ford pioneered the passenger vehicle, and now it has decided to focus on building work trucks. Amazon dedicated itself to changing the way people shop, and now it is making it easier for people to buy things without waiting for them to come in the mail. In 2019, other companies will need to rethink whether their old ways of doing business (old being a relative term) are still driving the best customer experience as well.

2. Automation and Predictive Intelligence

In today’s world, customers want what they want, and they want it now. As human teams become unable to keep up with customer demand, automation and predictive intelligence – two technologies that are now commercially available in 2019 – will take on an increasingly-central role in customer experience. This is true not only in terms of interacting with customers, but also in terms of determining the future direction of marketing efforts and product development.

3. Immersive Customer Experience

New technologies are also making it possible for the customer experience to be more immersive than ever. From augmented reality to digital surfaces and projection mapping, the “experience” side of customer experience may be what drives business in 2019 and beyond.

4. Customized Technology

A few years ago, having an attractive and well-functioning app was enough to set companies apart in many, if not most, sectors of the consumer market. Now that this is something customers take for granted, many companies are shifting their focus to customized technology. In today’s world, it takes more than simply having an app to convince customers to tap to open. Customers need to be drawn in by something special, whether that is local free deals (like T-Mobile Tuesdays) or secret apps for high-volume users (like Nike Unlocks).

5. Data Protection

Companies across the globe are feeling the effects of the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), and customers are more aware than ever of the risks of putting their personal data in companies’ hands. As businesses gather more data in new and innovative ways, making sure they are able to adequately protect customers’ data will need to become a driving factor in the decision-making process rather than an afterthought. Mithras Investments | Consulting for a Greater Advantage Mithras Investments is a global consulting firm that helps companies stay ahead of the curve. Do you have questions about how to improve CX at your company? If so, give us a call at (305) 517-7911 or request an appointment online.

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