Human Resources and Executive Search Services

Placing and Retaining Key Positions in Global Companies

A business’s leadership and workforce are the backbone that keeps a company strong and stable. That is why the most successful companies invest in recruitment and retention of top talent. Mithras Investments, LLC is a global investment consultancy group. Our full spectrum of services includes due diligence, research, analyses, negotiations and consultancy on investments and mergers and acquisitions. We also advise businesses on making wise investment in their executives and top talent.

Placing Key Talent in a Global Economy

Mithras Investments partners with consultants located in regions across the globe and who are experts in a variety of industries. Our vast network allows us to make country and industry-specific recommendations on recruitment and placement on well-suited candidates for such positions as:

  • Members of the board of directors
  • Top executives
  • Midlevel and C-level executives
  • Key leadership positions
  • Professionals
  • Specialty trades within industries

Why Businesses Choose Mithras Investments

Mithras Investments has been advising multinational corporations on making profitable investments for the past decade. Our goal is always to help our clients make the best investment decisions. We apply this same high level of dedication and knowledge to helping our clients make the best investment in their employees.

Our consulting firm helps our clients build a successful workforce by:

  • Recruiting for leadership, executive and skilled positions from a pool of highly qualified candidates
  • Identifying top talent within an industry, region and market
  • Evaluating employees through our effective research, due diligence and interviewing methods
  • Placing employees who meet the business’s specific criteria, needs, market, location, goals and personality
  • Negotiating executive contracts and severance packages
  • Making recommendations regarding continuity of employment and management associated with mergers and acquisitions
  • Assessing a company’s human resources policies, especially those related to executive placement and retention

Why Candidates Choose Mithras Investments

A primary indicator of an employee’s likelihood of staying at a certain company is his or her satisfaction with the job. Everybody wins when the employee is happy, appreciated and productive — the employee enjoys the job more and the business avoids high turnover. For this reason, our consulting firm engages in extensive due diligence and research to place the right employee in the right position at the right company.

An executive, a professional or another highly skilled employee who makes the decision to transfer jobs can feel confident that Mithras Investments has made every effort to pave the way to a long and satisfying career at the new company.

Consult with Experienced Global Human Resources and Recruitment Experts

Mithras Investments advises multinational corporations on making profitable, positive investments in their leadership, executives, boards, professionals and skilled employees. Our global network of consultants delivers services that enhance successful recruitment, placement and retention of key employees.

To learn more about investing in the leadership and workforce that will help build your company, call our consulting firm at + 1-305-517-7911 or send us an email using our online system. Our existing clients can also use our convenient client login terminal.

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To learn more about services offered by Mithras Investments to multinational corporations across the globe, call our consulting firm at + 1-305-517-7911 or send us an email using our online system. Our existing clients can also use our convenient client login terminal.