Global Consulting

Mithras Investments is a global consulting company advising clients from the United States and around the world from our headquarters in Miami, Florida. Our team of world-class consultants serve professionals in major industries:

We advise U.S. and foreign financial institutions on mergers, compliance, efficiency and more.
Manufacturing, Supply Chain and Retail
We help manufacturers and retailers refine operations and expand nationally or globally.
Technology and Telecom
We assist corporations and entrepreneurs with technological innovation and integration.
Global Communications and Sales
We guide marketing communications, including legal and cultural factors for global clients.
Utilities and Alternative Energy
We consult on all phases of energy production and delivery, including new investments
Executive Search
We recruit and negotiate with executive leaders who can continue to drive your success.

Dedication & Dependability

Our teams around the world are ready to bring your business to the next level. This dedication and dependability is why the top 500 U.S. corporations work with us during important transactions, investments and operations.



Due diligence

Risk analyisis

Contract negotiations

Mergers and acquisitions

General consulting

Human Resources

A history of excellence

We have built our reputation with powerhouse companies over the past ten years. Our client roster includes industry leaders across several multimillion dollar international verticals.

Each consulting team is customized for its specific expertise and relevance to the task at hand.

Our strategies are targeted to the individual client, the current moment and the rapidly changing future of each marketplace we serve. Our consultants are experienced, effective and versatile. We match clients with professionals who know the market landscape and share sound decision making.

By moving quickly, we are able to ensure as much as possible that business decisions reflect the global economy's rapid demand and development.

Our streamlining philosophies allow for greater response and competition in a hectic world market.


At Mithras, our consulting professionals ask — and answer — the questions that drive improved performance and increased profits.
The biggest question is always, "Will your investment make money?"

We analyze key factors about your company, your industry and the national and global economy in order to create a road map to success.

Each of our clients brings a set of relevant questions, even if you don't know what they are yet. Let us show you how together our expertise and your value propositions can transform your business.

Work with us

We welcome new or continuing engagements with top companies in the United States, Europe, South America and Asia. When you take the first steps to work with us, we will immediately begin to show you our dedication to your objectives and how our knowledge and experience can help you get there — or even further. Once engaged, we assign a specially selected team of experts to your account. As we discover more about you, we develop clear opportunities and plans to take advantage of them.

Isn't it time your company makes time for growth?

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For Strategic Answers

To learn more about services offered by Mithras Investments to multinational corporations across the globe, call our consulting firm at + 1-305-517-7911 or send us an email using our online system. Our existing clients can also use our convenient client login terminal.