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Oil and Gas Outlook: 2018

December 2017 | Articles

The oil and gas industry has experienced some significant changes in recent years. Learn about the current forecasts for U.S. and international supply and demand for 2018 in this article from Mithras Investments.


“Rules of Three” in Cross-Border Business Negotiations

November 2017 | Articles

A recent article from the Harvard Law School Program on Negotiation blog highlights the “rules of three” for finding success in complex negotiations. In our latest Insight, we apply these rules within the unique setting of cross-border transactions.


Contingencies and Conditions: Maintaining Control in Complex Negotiations

October 2017 | Articles

In complex M&A transactions, contingencies and conditions can spur negotiations, or they can create an uncomfortable level of uncertainty. In this article, we discuss some considerations for avoiding risky contingencies and using strategic conditions to your advantage.


Are Managed Services Right for Your Company?

September 2017 | Articles

Managed services can provide substantial cost savings under the right circumstances. Are managed services right for your company? In this article, we discuss four key considerations that can help you decide.


Organic Growth or Growth by Acquisition? Key Considerations for Global Expansion

August 2017 | Articles

When entering a foreign market, expanding your existing business and acquiring a local company both involve unique costs and benefits. In this article, we discuss several factors that require strategic consideration.

Recruiting or Retention

Recruiting or Retention: What is the Best Strategy for Your Company?

July 2017 | Articles

When it comes to finding the best job candidates, there are benefits to both recruitment and retention. In this article, we discuss four key considerations for deciding where to look for potential hires.

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