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Master Limited Partnerships

Investing in Energy: The Benefits of Master Limited Partnerships

November 2015 | Articles

Master Limited Partnerships or MLPs are attractive investment vehicles that can provide several benefits to their investors.

Transitioning Executives: How to Ensure Success

Transitioning Executives: How to Ensure Success

October 2015 | Articles

While a change in leadership can be challenging, it can also provide tremendous opportunities for an organization to grow and advance.


How Mobile Banking Features Earn Customers

September 2015 | Articles

Banking customers demand convenience and the ability to bank on the go. Mithra Investments, LLC explores mobile banking trends and opportunities.

How to Determine Fair Prices During Acquisitions

How to Determine Fair Prices During Acquisitions

August 2015 | Articles

When your company is preparing to acquire a target firm, the main challenges are clear.

Energy Innovations

On The Horizon: Energy Innovations in 2015

July 2015 | Articles

Renewable resources have been the subject of great leaps in innovation and offer investors exciting opportunities to change the planet.

integrating IT

Integrating IT after A Merger: Best Practices

June 2015 | Articles

Mithras Investments consults with Chief Information Officers and other executive and IT professionals to merge IT teams after an acquisition.


Banking Satisfaction: What to Make of J.D. Power’s New Survey

May 2015 | Articles

The professionals at Mithras Investments analyze the results of J.D. Powers’ acclaimed U.S. Retail Banking Satisfaction Study to find growth opportunities for banks.


Identifying and Hiring Top Talents Across Borders

March 2015 | Articles

Recruiting for a multinational business is a global undertaking. Identifying, interviewing, recruiting and hiring top talent can lead to special challenges associated with language, experience and geography.

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