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To Innovate or Focus on Survival: How Should Your Company Respond to a Down Market? Thumbnail

To Innovate or Focus on Survival: How Should Your Company Respond to a Down Market?

July 2021 | Articles

While some companies are struggling to survive in 2021, others are thriving. What can (and should) your company be doing to take advantage of current opportunities?

Should Your Company Have Its Employees Come Back to Work? Thumbnail

Should Your Company Have Its Employees Come Back to Work?

June 2021 | Articles

The COVID-19 pandemic forced many companies to reduce their workforces and have their remaining employees work from home. In our latest Insight, we discuss some important considerations for companies to decide when (and if) they should have their employees come back to work.

Should Your Company Invest in Sales Automation Technology? Thumbnail

Should Your Company Invest in Sales Automation Technology?

April 2021 | Articles

Sales automation technology can be highly effective when used correctly under the right circumstances. But, companies can easily waste their investments if they don’t take the right approach. So, should your company invest in sales automation technology? Here are five key factors to consider.

7 Technology Trends Shaping 2021 Thumbnail

7 Technology Trends Shaping 2021

March 2021 | Articles

Several new technology trends are shaping the way companies do business in 2021. This includes trends both related and unrelated to the COVID-19 pandemic. Learn more in our latest insight.

What Does it Mean to Engage in “Strategic” Procurement? Thumbnail

What Does it Mean to Engage in “Strategic” Procurement?

February 2021 | Articles

The COVID-19 pandemic has changed the way companies are doing business in 2021. New procurement opportunities are available, and companies that leverage these opportunities can position themselves for success. Learn more in our latest Insight.

Uncover Customer Needs Thumbnail

Does Your Company Need to Become More Agile?

January 2021 | Articles

What does it mean for a company to be “agile,” and does your company need to become more agile in 2021? Learn about some key considerations for both new and established companies in our latest Insight.

Oil and Gas Outlook Thumbnail

2021 Oil and Gas Outlook

December 2020 | Articles

The COVID-19 pandemic had unprecedented effects on the oil and gas industry in 2020. Industry analysts expect these effects to continue into 2021, though the COVID-19 vaccine’s rollout has caused forecasts to rise slightly. Learn more in our annual Oil and Gas Outlook.

Office in 2020

2020 Year in Review: What Insights Can Businesses Carry Into 2021?

November 2020 | Articles

As the year comes to a close, it is time for companies to start planning for 2021. In this Insight, we take a look back at some of the lessons we learned – both related and unrelated to the coronavirus pandemic – throughout 2020.

customer needs

Considerations for Managing Customer Demand for Atypical Services During and After the COVID-19 Crisis

October 2020 | Articles

While the end of the COVID-19 crisis cannot come soon enough, many people have grown accustomed to the temporary services that companies have been offering during the pandemic. What does this mean for your company’s future? We share some key considerations in our latest Insight.

Face Grid

5 Strategies for Retaining High-Performing Employees

September 2020 | Articles

Retaining high-performing employees saves costs in recruitment, and it helps to maintain business continuity. Learn about five strategies for keeping your company’s top employees in house in our latest Insight.

Satisfaction Meter

What are Your Company’s Customer Performance Indicators (CPI)?

August 2020 | Articles

Customer performance indicators (CPIs) are measurement tools that are designed to track customer satisfaction and facilitate customer-centric growth. Learn how your company can improve its operations through the use of CPIs in our latest Insight.

Group Video Call

5 Considerations for Restoring Your Company’s Workforce During the Novel Coronavirus Pandemic

July 2020 | Articles

Prior to reopening during the COVID-19 crisis, there are several important issues that businesses need to address. Learn about five key employment-related considerations in our latest Insight.

Know Your Competitors

5 Technology Considerations for Maintaining Business Continuity During the COVID-19 Crisis

June 2020 | Articles

The COVID-19 crisis is forcing many companies to make major changes to the way they operate. Learn how your company can leverage new and existing technologies during the pandemic in our latest Insight.

Know Your Competitors

What are Some Key Considerations for Maintaining a Remote Workforce During (or After) the COVID-19 Crisis?

May 2020 | Articles

What factors does your company need to consider when it comes to establishing a remote workforce? Find out in this Insight from Mithras Investments.

Know Your Competitors

Media Buys: When, Why and How to Make Them

April 2020 | Articles

When, why and how should your company use media buys to market its products or services? These questions are getting more and more difficult to answer, but a quantitative analysis can give you the insights you need.

Know Your Competitors

5 Technology Trends Shaping 2020 in the Wake of the Coronavirus Pandemic

March 2020 | Articles

The novel coronavirus pandemic has impacted companies worldwide in many different ways. In our latest Insight, we discuss five technology trends that have the potential to play a significant role in how companies respond and recover.

Know Your Competitors

How Do You Establish Price Points in a Competitive Market?

February 2020 | Articles

Setting the right price for a new product or service is extremely important. It is also hugely complicated. In our latest insight, we discuss five key considerations for developing a pricing strategy in a competitive market.

Human Resources

Recruiting in 2020: What Do HR Managers and Executives Need to Know?

January 2020 | Articles

The job market is continuing to evolve, and companies that want to remain competitive will need to evolve as well. Learn about five key recruitment strategies for 2020 in our latest Insight.

Petroleum & Oil Industry

2020 Oil and Gas Outlook

December 2019 | Articles

We saw lots of change in the oil and gas industry during 2019. Will this be the status quo in 2020? Find out in our latest Insight.

Customer Journey

Is Your Business Keeping Pace with Its Customers?

November 2019 | Articles

Following market trends and tracking customer satisfaction are key business strategies. So, is your company using the right data, and is your company using those data effectively? Learn about some important considerations in our latest Insight.

People waiting for interview

Executive Recruitment: How Can Emerging Companies Attract Top Talent?

October 2019 | Articles

For emerging companies, hiring highly-experienced executives can be critical to achieving growth targets and attracting outside investment. Learn about five key considerations for executive recruitment in our latest Insight.


How are Businesses Using A.I. in 2019?

September 2019 | Articles

In today’s world, companies that aren’t making effective use of artificial intelligence (“A.I.”) are quickly falling behind the times. Learn how your company can effectively leverage the latest advancements in A.I. in our latest Insight.

Team Talking

Bringing Professional Services In-House: When is it Time and How Do You Do It?

August 2019 | Articles

When is the right time to bring professional services in-house? Learn about eight important considerations in our latest Insight.

Team Talking

Anticipating (and Preparing to Overcome) Hurdles During Business Negotiations

July 2019 | Articles

In business negotiations, thorough preparation is often the key to success. So, how should you prepare for your next transaction? Learn about five important considerations in our latest Insight.

Risk Assessment Chart

Due Diligence and Risk Analysis in Alternative Energy M&A Transactions

June 2019 | Articles

Investing in alternative energy presents a variety of unique considerations, opportunities and risks. Learn about five factors that can impact the profitability of alternative energy investments in our latest Insight.

chess pieces letters M and A

When is a Merger or Acquisition a “Success”?

May 2019 | Articles

Mergers and acquisitions are complex transactions with many moving parts, and buyers’ and sellers’ interests will often be diametrically opposed. So, how do you measure success? We discuss seven key factors for measuring success in global M&A transactions in our latest Insight.

data driven marketing

How Can Your Company Benefit from Data-Driven Market Research?

April 2019 | Articles

Is your company using data strategically to make informed decisions about product development, marketing, sales and recruitment? Find out what you might be missing in this Insight from Mithras Investments.

trucks cargo bins

Evaluating Overseas Investments in Manufacturing and Distribution

March 2019 | Articles

Learn about seven key considerations for investing in offshore manufacturing and distribution operations from the global consultants at Mithras Investments.

diverse serious business men

What’s New in CX for 2019?

February 2019 | Articles

What does your company need to do to keep customers engaged in 2019? Learn about five trends shaping the future of CX in our latest Insight.


Ethics in Business Negotiations

January 2019 | Articles

What role should ethics play in business negotiations? Assuming ethics are important, what specific ethical principles should parties apply during domestic and cross-border deal-making? Our latest Insight explores the answers to these questions.


7 Recruiting Predictions for 2019

December 2018 | Articles

In 2019, human resources (HR) departments and prospective employees will both find new ways to compete in the job marketplace. As new trends and technologies emerge, it will be anyone’s game.


4 Technology Trends Shaping 2018

October 2018 | Articles

When it comes to technology trends with staying power, 2018 might be a year for the record books. Learn more in this Insight from Mithras Investments.


Investing in Intelligent Technology: Is it Time?

September 2018 | Articles

After a long wait and much prognostication, it appears that intelligent technology is finally here to stay. Is it time for your company invest in artificial intelligence (AI)? Here are some thoughts to consider.


Curbing Employee Turnover in Today’s Job Market

August 2018 | Articles

Employee retention strategies are not what they used to be. In this Insight, we discuss five contemporary strategies for retaining top talent in today’s competitive job market.


Key Considerations in Media and Marketing M&A Transactions

July 2018 | Articles

Mergers and acquisitions involving media and marketing companies present some unique challenges. In this Insight, we examine five key considerations for companies seeking to expand through acquisition in these industries.


Countering Bias in Global M&A Transactions

June 2018 | Articles

In global mergers and acquisitions, bias can have a negative influence on parties on both sides of high-stakes transactions. Learn about sources of bias and ways to counter bias in this Insight from Mithras Investments.


Cross-Cultural Communication Skills for International Negotiations

May 2018 | Articles

Effective communication skills are critical to any successful negotiation, but they can take on heightened importance in international transactions. In this Insight, we discuss the importance (and limitations) of focusing on cultural sensitivity and provide five tips for effective cross-border negotiations.


External Factors in Financial Industry Mergers and Acquisitions

April 2018 | Articles

For entities in the financial industry, mergers and acquisitions can raise a variety of complicated issues. Learn about three critical external factors for assessing the viability of M&A transactions in this Insight from Mithras Investments.


Using Data to Improve Your Marketing ROI

March 2018 | Articles

What do you need to know in order to effectively assess marketing return on investment (ROI)? Learn some fundamental strategies for gathering relevant data about your company’s marketing ROI in this Insight from Mithras Investments.


Due Diligence in Global Mergers and Acquisitions

February 2018 | Articles

In the global setting, M&A due diligence requires a unique perspective. Learn about some of the added dimensions of due diligence in cross-border transactions in this Insight from Mithras Investments.


“Rules of Three” in Cross-Border Business Negotiations

November 2017 | Articles

A recent article from the Harvard Law School Program on Negotiation blog highlights the “rules of three” for finding success in complex negotiations. In our latest Insight, we apply these rules within the unique setting of cross-border transactions.


Contingencies and Conditions: Maintaining Control in Complex Negotiations

October 2017 | Articles

In complex M&A transactions, contingencies and conditions can spur negotiations, or they can create an uncomfortable level of uncertainty. In this article, we discuss some considerations for avoiding risky contingencies and using strategic conditions to your advantage.


Are Managed Services Right for Your Company?

September 2017 | Articles

Managed services can provide substantial cost savings under the right circumstances. Are managed services right for your company? In this article, we discuss four key considerations that can help you decide.


Organic Growth or Growth by Acquisition? Key Considerations for Global Expansion

August 2017 | Articles

When entering a foreign market, expanding your existing business and acquiring a local company both involve unique costs and benefits. In this article, we discuss several factors that require strategic consideration.

Recruiting or Retention

Recruiting or Retention: What is the Best Strategy for Your Company?

July 2017 | Articles

When it comes to finding the best job candidates, there are benefits to both recruitment and retention. In this article, we discuss four key considerations for deciding where to look for potential hires.

HR Hiring

5 Recruiting Trends Shaping HR in 2017

June 2017 | Articles

The recruiting landscape is changing, and HR departments need to stay ahead in order to attract (and retain) top talent. In this article, Mithras Investments discusses five of the trends that have had the most-significant impact so far in 2017.

People looking at futuristic screen

Considering MIT’s List of 10 Breakthrough Technologies for 2017

May 2017 | Articles

MIT’s Technology Review recently published its list of 10 “breakthrough technologies” for 2017. In this article, Mithras Investments examines some of the technologies with the greatest potential impact for businesses and consumers worldwide.

hand shake

Focusing on Customer Experience to Edge Your Competition

April 2017 | Articles

In today’s global marketplace, enhancing customer services needs to be a top priority. What can you do to build a competitive edge? We have the answers.


Improving Your Operations and Finding Your Competitive Edge

February 2017 | Articles

Is your company struggling to maintain (or find) its foothold in the marketplace? In this article, Mithras Investments highlights eight strategies for revamping operations and using strategic investments to build a competitive brand.


Oil and Gas Outlook: 2017

January 2017 | Articles

Sources indicate that it may finally be time for cautious optimism in the oil and gas industry. In this article, Mithras Investments examines the latest forecasts for oil and gas production in 2017.


Global Banking Outlook: Trends and Predictions

December 2016 | Articles

As 2016 comes to a close, what does the future hold for the banking industry? Mithras Investments considers five predictions for what the rest of the decade has in store.


With Technology, Is Timing Everything?

November 2016 | Articles

Why do some technological innovations come and go while others pass the test of time? Mithras Investments looks at some recent and not-so-recent examples that can help inform companies’ decisions about investing in new technologies.

glass building

Key Factors in Power and Utility Investments

October 2016 | Articles

Investing in the power and utility sector presents many unique considerations and challenges, both in the United States and abroad. In this article, Mithras Investments highlights 10 critical considerations for companies considering substantial energy investments.

glass building

Managing a Global Workforce: Legal Compliance

September 2016 | Articles

Building a global workforce presents many challenges that will be unfamiliar to managers, executives, and even attorneys used to doing business in the United States. In this article, Mithras Investments highlights some of the key legal compliance issues involved in establishing a business presence overseas.

glass building

Considerations for Hiring Overseas

August 2016 | Articles

When expanding your business internationally, hiring qualified and trustworthy employees needs to be a top priority. Our five key strategies for recruiting and retaining executives, board members, professionals and skilled employees overseas.

Men shaking hands

How to Avoid Becoming Overcommitted to a Deal (or at Least Letting It Show)

July 2016 | Articles

Whether due to financial or emotional investment, many negotiators will eventually find themselves in a position where they are overcommitted to a deal. In this article, Mithras Investments discusses four strategies for preventing over-commitment from impacting your negotiations.

Men shaking hands

Tips to Avoid (or Resolve) a Contentious Business Dispute

June 2016 | Articles

While disputes in complex business negotiations may seem inevitable, there are a number of strategies that parties can use to keep their negotiations amicable and focused on the end result. In this article, Mithras Investments discusses three tips for avoiding and resolving contentious business disputes.

People walking by globe

Negotiation Techniques for Cross-Border Transactions

May 2016 | Articles

In international negotiations, closing the deal can mean much more than hammering out the terms and signing on the dotted line. Mithras Investments discusses six tips for more-successful negotiations in cross-border mergers and acquisitions.

People walking through airport thumbnail

Diplomacy in Intercultural Business Negotiations

April 2016 | Articles

In intercultural business negotiations, a little bit of diplomacy can go a long way. Mithras Investments discusses four issues that can derail a cross-border transaction.

E-Governance thumbnail

Governments Going Digital – E-Governance

March 2016 | Articles

E-Governance aims to make government services more efficient, transparent and accessible for businesses and citizens. Mithras Investments, LLC explains.

Diversifying Investments thumbnail

Diversifying Investments to Minimize Risks

February 2016 | Articles

While all investments are subject to risk, Mithras Investments, LLC explains how diversification strategies can work to minimize investment risks.

Design International Marketing Plan

Designing an International Marketing Plan

January 2016 | Articles

Looking to expand into an international market? Mithras Investments explains how a solid marketing plan can position your company for success.


Land Disposal Unit Options for Hazardous Waste

December 2015 | Articles

Land Disposal Units (LDUs) are the most common disposal practice for hazardous waste. Mithras Investments, LLC explains LDUs.

Master Limited Partnerships

Investing in Energy: The Benefits of Master Limited Partnerships

November 2015 | Articles

Master Limited Partnerships or MLPs are attractive investment vehicles that can provide several benefits to their investors.

Transitioning Executives: How to Ensure Success

Transitioning Executives: How to Ensure Success

October 2015 | Articles

While a change in leadership can be challenging, it can also provide tremendous opportunities for an organization to grow and advance.


How Mobile Banking Features Earn Customers

September 2015 | Articles

Banking customers demand convenience and the ability to bank on the go. Mithra Investments, LLC explores mobile banking trends and opportunities.

How to Determine Fair Prices During Acquisitions

How to Determine Fair Prices During Acquisitions

August 2015 | Articles

When your company is preparing to acquire a target firm, the main challenges are clear.

Energy Innovations

On The Horizon: Energy Innovations in 2015

July 2015 | Articles

Renewable resources have been the subject of great leaps in innovation and offer investors exciting opportunities to change the planet.

integrating IT

Integrating IT after A Merger: Best Practices

June 2015 | Articles

Mithras Investments consults with Chief Information Officers and other executive and IT professionals to merge IT teams after an acquisition.


Banking Satisfaction: What to Make of J.D. Power’s New Survey

May 2015 | Articles

The professionals at Mithras Investments analyze the results of J.D. Powers’ acclaimed U.S. Retail Banking Satisfaction Study to find growth opportunities for banks.


Identifying and Hiring Top Talents Across Borders

March 2015 | Articles

Recruiting for a multinational business is a global undertaking. Identifying, interviewing, recruiting and hiring top talent can lead to special challenges associated with language, experience and geography.


Overcoming Barriers In Cross-Cultural Negotiations

October 2014 | Articles

An effective negotiator understands the point of view of the other party. This is the single most critical component of a successful negotiation.


Learn More About Your Market And Competitors Through Targeted Research

October 2014 | Articles

Your company can benefit from conducting focused, well-designed research in order to learn more about your target demographics, market saturation point, competitors, reception of a particular product or the effectiveness of your business’s internal processes.

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