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5 Technology Trends Shaping 2022

Posted May 11, 2022 in Articles

Each year, we devote one of our Insights to discussing the latest technology trends shaping the way companies do business. We are seeing some notable developments in 2022, many of which have the potential to influence (and potentially overhaul) the way companies operate well into the future. Here are our top five technology trends shaping 2022:

1. Artificial Intelligence (AI) is the New Normal

In the past, we have discussed artificial intelligence (AI) in terms of its potential future impact. But, in 2022, doing business with AI is the new normal. Companies in a broad spectrum of industries are finding ways to cut costs and improve their customer experience with AI, from deploying inventory management algorithms to using sales automation technology. Today, AI-based consumer and business products are in high demand, and many companies are jumping ahead of their competition by focusing their research and development dollars in this area.

2. Blockchain is the Next Big Horizon

Blockchain technology is where artificial intelligence was a couple of years ago. Public awareness (and acceptance) of the technology is growing, and market leaders are finding ways to leverage the technology to their advantage. From releasing coins and non-fungible tokens (NFTs) to leveraging distributed ledgers for accountability and smart contracts, blockchain presents a new world of opportunities for companies that have the necessary technological and human capital.

3. Companies are Investing in Remote Work Capabilities Instead of Office Space

While some companies are bringing their employees back to the office in 2022, others are letting their leases expire and shifting focus to investing in remote work capabilities. Not only has maintaining a remote workforce proven more efficient for many companies during the pandemic, but many employees now expect to be able to work where and when they want to.

4. Technology for Good

Technology for good, or using technology to have a positive societal and environmental impact, has become a major topic of conversation in 2022. As we learn more about the intangible costs of certain types of technologies, companies will likely bear much of the burden of revisiting both their nature and utility. In many areas, companies will likely need to consider the viability of substantially modifying, if not fully replacing, existing technologies as well.

5. Cybersecurity Challenges Remain

Even with blockchain technology, cybersecurity challenges remain. From protecting consumers’ data to preventing hackers from gaining control of AI applications, companies face an inordinate number of challenges—and this number is only likely to grow. In today’s world, all companies need to prioritize cybersecurity, and this starts with having a clear and comprehensive understanding of where their risks lie.

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