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5 Tips for Building an Inclusive Hybrid Workplace in 2023

Posted February 28th, 2023 in Articles

With more companies making the permanent shift to maintaining a hybrid workplace, attracting top talent requires more than just flexibility in 2023. Companies need to bring their hybrid work policies in line with their other core values as well—including inclusivity.

So, what can (and should) your company do to foster an inclusive hybrid workplace in 2023? Here are five tips to consider:

1. Inclusive Recruitment

Building an inclusive hybrid workplace starts at the beginning. Companies should structure their recruitment practices to ensure equal access to their job opportunities, and promoting a company’s commitment to inclusiveness can help with attracting quality candidates.

2. Structured Onboarding and Training

Companies should structure their onboarding and training programs with their hybrid workers’ needs and preferences in mind. For example, creating videos (rather than requiring new employees to come in for onboarding and training) and incorporating themes of inclusiveness into companies’ onboarding and training materials can help with both making new employees feel welcome and setting appropriate expectations.

3. Collaborative (Digital) Work Environments

Studies have shown that collaboration not only increases teams’ effectiveness but it also boosts retention and increases employee satisfaction. While hybrid workplaces present certain challenges when it comes to promoting collaboration, there are now several digital tools available that companies can use to get their teams working together whether they are dispersed across a city or around the world.

4. Team Building and Strengthening Ties

Along with emphasizing collaboration in the work environment, building an inclusive hybrid workplace also requires companies to focus on team building from a social perspective. When employees have strong social ties, they are more comfortable collaborating (and thus more effective at doing so), and this is good for everyone involved.

As an article published in the Harvard Business Review explains:

“Strong ties, such as those between colleagues on the same team . . . are important for building intra-team cohesion. However, weak ties, such as acquaintances or casual contacts, should not be overlooked, as . . . [they] provide unique connections between two points, acting as a bridge between information silos.”

One of the most common complaints in the hybrid work environment is social isolation. By addressing this concern proactively, companies can build stronger and longer-lasting teams.

5. Fostering Productivity

Along with taking the steps discussed above, companies can also take a variety of other steps to foster productivity in their hybrid work environments. When employees feel like they are actively involved in major projects and can see that their contributions are having a real impact, studies show that they are more likely to put in greater effort and feel a connection to their employer and coworkers.

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