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5 Tips for Improving Employee Engagement and Productivity

Posted September 29th, 2023 in Articles

Employee engagement and productivity go hand-in-hand. Engagement translates to investment, and the more invested employees are in their work—the more they intrinsically care about the quality of their work product—the more value they will generate for their employers.

So, how are companies improving employee engagement (and thereby improving employee productivity) in 2023?

With many companies making the shift back to in-office work, the need to offer benefits that compete with the inherent benefits of being able to work from home is a key aspect of boosting employee engagement and morale. But, regardless of where a company’s employees work, these tips can help improve engagement and productivity:

Tip #1: Improve Communication

Most companies have room to improve when it comes to internal communications. Communicating with employees regularly can help them feel more engaged, and, of course, responding meaningfully to employees’ communications can make a big difference as well. Oftentimes, this can be as simple as acknowledging receipt—although, as discussed below, listening to feedback is a key strategy as well.

Tip #2: Recognize Effort and Achievement

Employees are more likely to be engaged in their work if they know that they will be recognized for their efforts. Forms of employee recognition can vary widely, from small gift cards and shoutouts in company-wide communications to substantial performance-based bonuses and merit-based promotions.

Tip #3: Invest in Benefits

Investing in employee benefits can improve both employee engagement and employee retention (which can also boost productivity as employees become more ingrained in the company’s operations and more efficient at their jobs). Along with traditional benefits like health insurance and retirement matching, companies are also increasingly offering benefits such as on-site food and fitness options to help keep their employees happy, active and engaged.

Tip #4: Encourage (and Listen to) Feedback

Most employees greatly value knowing that their voice is being heard. Encouraging feedback is a great way to promote engagement, and employees who work in the business will often have insightful ideas about ways things can be improved. When encouraging feedback, companies should be prepared to listen to their employees’ feedback as well—as ignoring their ideas, complaints and concerns can have the opposite effect.

Tip #5: Show How High-Performing Employees Make a Difference

Combining our Tips #1 and #2, companies can also spur employee engagement and productivity by showing how high-performing employees make a difference. Make an example of employees who go above and beyond—and demonstrate how their efforts pay off. Featuring employees’ exceptional efforts in corporate videos and communications not only serves as a form of recognition but it also shows other employees what can happen if they perform at the same level.

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