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7 Recruiting Predictions for 2019

Posted December 31, 2018 in Articles

Perhaps no aspect of business is more subject to the influence of trends than recruitment. Over the past decade, we have seen substantial year-over-year changes not only in how human resources (HR) departments recruit top talent, but in how top recruits’ preferences shape the recruiting process and company cultures as well.

We expect the influence of trends to continue to have a major impact in 2019. Here are seven of our top recruiting predictions for the coming year:  

1. The End of the Paper Resume

Employers don’t want them. Candidates don’t want to send them. With HR departments and recruiters increasingly relying on the Internet to promote openings and correspond with job candidates, in 2019 we may finally see the end of the paper resume.

2. The Rise of Digital Multimedia and Multi-Platform Self-Branding

Of course, this does not mean that candidates can expect to get noticed simply by converting their resumes to .PDF format. The candidates who stand out will be those who offer prospective employers a multimedia, multi-platform deep dive into their personal brand.

3. The Rise of Targeted Online Recruitment

Remember when it was considered innovative for headhunters to reach out to potential candidates on LinkedIn? Today, large (and some not-so-large) HR departments are using targeted advertising to reach desirable candidates across multiple platforms. This includes not only connecting with candidates organically on social media, but buying advertising space with specific geographic and demographic parameters as well.

4. Heavy Reliance on Online HR Intelligence

In 2018, we saw years-old, and in some cases decades-old, tweets destroy careers and wreak havoc on brands’ public reputations. With the lessons learned this year, HR departments will increasingly emphasize online intelligence as a key factor in hiring decisions.

5. Heavy Emphasis of the “Experience”

Today, it isn’t enough for a company to simply offer a good job opportunity. Today’s top candidates are expecting an experience – both during the recruitment process and once they get hired. Top candidates will expect to be impressed, and they will expect to get much more out of their jobs than simply earning a paycheck from nine to five.  

6. Continued Growth of the Gig Economy

Due to this shift in work culture, the gig economy will continue to grow in 2019 as well. With increasing frequency, desirable candidates will prefer to forego the traditional benefits of full-time employment in exchange for the freedom, flexibility and sense of entrepreneurship that come with independent contracting.

7. Increasing Reliance on Recruitment Automation

Finally, to find desirable candidates in the digital environment, HR departments will increase their reliance on automation. Data analysis will drive decision-making, both with regard to how companies target prospects and how they evaluate those who apply.

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