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Investing in Intelligent Technology Is it Time?

Posted September 26, 2018 in Articles

While the proliferation of intelligent technology has seemed inevitable for a while, the takeover of artificial intelligence (AI) is still on the horizon. Connected (or “smart”) devices and cars with self-driving capabilities have become more advanced (and far more commonplace), but security, regulatory and other hurdles continue to slow the pace that new intelligent technologies are brought to the mass market.

However, it is no secret that certain businesses are investing heavily in intelligent technology and currently some of the most-intriguing uses of AI are in the business-to-business sector. So, is now a good time to invest in intelligent technology, either as market strategy or as a way to improve and streamline your company’s operations? Here is a brief look at how some companies are already finding ways to use intelligent technology to their advantage:

1. Discrete AI

While it is not time just yet to entrust tasks that require human intelligence and judgment to a machine (often referred to as “general AI”), discrete uses of artificial intelligence can help businesses work smarter, faster and harder. By using smart software to handle specific, learnable tasks that are capable of being performed in a digital environment, many companies are finding that early adoption of viable AI technologies is putting them ahead of the curve.

2. Using AI to Improve UX

Incorporating artificial intelligence into consumer and client-facing applications may be one of the next big steps forward for the implementation and widespread adoption of certain types of AI technologies. From more-advanced gaming and simulations to virtual customer service and digital assistants, there are various AI strategies which, if deployed appropriately, have the potential to appeal to a broad customer base with minimal risk for data breaches and unreliability.

3. Smart Devices

This is one category where the use of AI has already gained substantial acceptance, and it is a good example of how limited-purpose AI is sufficient enough to serve a critical need while also having mass appeal. Smart devices can make homes and businesses more efficient, and mobile smart devices can help improve everything from camping trips to truck delivery schedules.

4. Augmented and Mixed Reality

While early efforts to bring augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality devices to market largely fell flat, there is currently a resurgence of effort to build appealing platforms. New ideas on how and why to make use of augmented, or mixed, reality are reshaping this fledgling industry; and, beyond simply being a fun glimpse into future, new AR and mixed reality devices and applications will have the potential to fundamentally enhance consumers’ and employees’ interactions with the world around them. Smartphone-based applications will likely speed up the adoption of AR and mixed reality technologies as well.

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