Due Diligence & Risk Analysis

Mithras Investments, LLC is a global consulting firm that guides businesses in making smart investments. Relying on a global network of consulting companies, Mithras Investments assesses investment opportunities in the United States and throughout the world. Many of our clients are top 500 U.S. corporations and multinational companies engaged in multimillion-dollar transactions.

Our team conducts due diligence on our client’s potential investments and acquisition of other businesses to determine whether the transaction is sound and lucrative. We also review its current portfolio and recommend measures to enhance organizational effectiveness and reduce risks.

Know Your Market and Your Competition Before Investing

Before investing, a corporation needs to fully understand the market trends, relevant regional matters and the competition. Our team thoroughly investigates each important aspect of every transaction. We consult within a wide scope of industries, including financial, technology, energy, manufacturing and media sectors. We also consult in the diverse regions of the world.

When putting together a client’s risk analysis team, our firm engages experts with substantial knowledge about the particular industry at issue and the countries of interest in the deal. Our investment due diligence includes:

  • Calculating applicable prices and tariffs
  • Understanding the overall trends within the global and country specific markets
  • Assessing impact of the country’s laws and regulations on the investment
  • Overcoming language and cultural barriers that can complicate negotiations
  • Determining who competitors are and evaluating their effect on investment returns

Based on our comprehensive research and analysis, we determine whether an investment can make money and recommend steps to minimize investment risks.

Due Diligence in Mergers and Acquisitions

Acquiring or merging with another company is rarely simple. When corporations are located across borders, the laws, cultures and markets of each country can further complicate the transaction. When a company fails to conduct comprehensive due diligence unintentionally it may find itself acquiring debts, structural weaknesses and legal problems. The company may also pay too much for a business that appeared more innovative and profitable than it actually is.

To guide our clients through a merger or acquisition, Mithras Investments investigates the to be merged with or acquired company’s:

  • Accounting records
  • Assets and debts
  • Pending litigation and legal matters
  • Intellectual property rights
  • Research and development product pipeline
  • Reputation and goodwill value
  • Contractual obligations
  • Organizational structure
  • Executive pay and buyout agreements
  • Conflicts of interests

We help our clients determine whether acquisition is appropriate and strategize steps that protect stakeholders should the deal move forward.

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