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What Companies Need to Know About Social Human Resources Management in 2023

Posted June 30th, 2023 in Articles

Social human resources management is one of the corporate buzzwords of 2023. While most companies have focused primarily on using social media for marketing purposes over the past 15-plus years, we have recently seen a shift toward companies using these platforms for human resources-related purposes as well.

So, what exactly is social human resources management? In its simplest terms, social human resources management involves leveraging the power of social media in HR-specific applications. This includes not only using social media for recruitment (which isn’t as new), but also for employee communications, labor relations, training and other employment-related purposes.

What Are the Benefits of Social Human Resources Management?

When implemented effectively, social human resources management (HRM) offers several benefits for companies of all sizes. Some examples of the potential benefits include:

Increased Efficiencies in Recruitment, Onboarding and Training – Many companies have been able to achieve significant efficiency improvements in the recruitment, onboarding and training process through social human resources management.

Improved Employee Engagement and Morale – Effective use of social HRM can also help companies achieve improved employee engagement and morale. Studies have shown that both of these are critical for productivity in the workplace.

Real-Time Trend Analysis and Response – By examining data from their social media platforms, companies can conduct real-time trend analyses to assess employee satisfaction and address concerns in real time.

Remote Employee Management – Social human resources management also offers unique opportunities for employers to supervise, involve and remain engaged with remote employees.

Employee Acceptance and Ease of Implementation – Since the majority of employees are on social media already, using social media for human resources purposes can present a relatively low barrier to entry. If employees are already comfortable using social media in their day-to-day lives, this can make implementation much easier compared to business-specific HRM applications.

Of course, achieving these benefits (among others) requires an informed and structured approach. When using social media platforms and other similar types of applications for human resources management, companies must do so with specific strategies and objectives in mind, and they must conduct effective rollouts so that their employees are aware of their new initiatives.

How Do Companies Implement Social Human Resources Management?

If you are interested in implementing social human resources management at your company, what are your next steps? Companies are using social HRM in lots of different ways. However, not all of these ways are well-suited to all companies. As a result, one of the first steps is to assess your company’s specific opportunities, challenges and risks. Then, you can focus on developing a suitable social HRM strategy, and then you can move forward with implementation.

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