Mithras Investments advises financial institutions and investors about regulatory and business matters associated with the banking industry. Our firm represents domestic and foreign banks conducting transactions in the United States, Asia and in other regions of the world. We are adept at dealing with international transactions that comply with the relevant countries’ laws, international treaties and banking protocol.

Our consulting firm delivers comprehensive financial-targeted services, including research, due diligence, risk analysis, strategic negotiations and customer care. We handle complex matters, such as bank mergers and acquisitions, between domestic and international financial corporations.

Advising Stakeholders on Banking Transactions

The modern banking industry transmits multimillion-dollar transactions in seconds. The industry is efficient, multifaceted, technologically advanced and risk adverse. Stakeholders must have the same level of sophistication to succeed in its dealings with the industry.

Mithras Investments is a leader in financial consultancy. Our extensive global network of consultant experts permits us to act timely and decisively on crucial financial matters, allowing our clients to keep pace with the financial sector’s quick-moving actions. We anticipate and mitigate risks to stakeholders and ensure compliance with government regulations. Through our vast network of contacts, we are able to help U.S. clients make transparent transactions with their international affiliates, subsidiaries and partners.

Regulatory Environment of the Banking Industry

The bank is responsible to stakeholders for the manner in which it allocates risks, categorizes loans and conducts securities trades. U.S. regulators subject banks to increasingly tighter restrictions and more invasive regulations in every aspect of the financial business. Financial institutions face scrutiny by regulators and the American public when a transaction or policy is questioned. Mithras Investments provides an outside perspective to address a bank’s in-house problems that could subject it to unwanted oversight and interference. We analyze risk so our clients can make smart investments that adhere to the applicable regulations.

Internal Banking Processes

Our firm reviews the organizational and operational systems of a financial institution to discover and repair weaknesses that can subject the bank to risks and monetary losses. For example, our team advises financial institutions on streamlining the process to cut costs while remaining competitive and in compliance. In addition, we may review the technology implemented by a client to address security and privacy breaches that could inadvertently expose the bank and its customers’ financial data to hacking. We do not just advise our clients on what to do, but give them a step-by-step plan for putting the strategy into action. 

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