Primary & Secondary Research

A successful business bases its decisions on sound, accurate and thorough facts. There is no room for guessing and making assumptions. However, conducting the necessary breadth and level of research to acquire the facts takes substantial time and expertise.

Mithras Investments, LLC takes on this vital task to help our clients gain the advantage of knowledge. Mithras Investment conducts primary and secondary research on U.S. and global companies in a wide spectrum of industries. Our global network of qualified market research and consulting professionals provide reliable and timely service to our clients in every region of the world.

Our consulting team custom designs each research project to reflect our individual client’s specific needs. We, therefore, do not waste a client’s time or money gathering unhelpful or irrelevant data and we do not miss even obscure information that could help our client gains an advantage. After gathering the most up-to-date comprehensive data, we provide our client with a complete analysis of what that data means, along with recommendations for making sound, profitable business decisions.

Primary Research Methodologies

Mithras Investment conducts primary research to answer specific questions and address narrowly defined issues for our clients. We carefully select the recognized qualitative and quantitative methodology that meets our individual client’s unique goals and design the study to effectively collect the relevant data. Depending on the specifics of a client’s needs, we may employ qualitative methods, such as interviews with retailers, distributors and customers to discover:

  • Consumers’ wants and needs
  • Criteria for making purchasing decisions
  • Price-points and demands
  • Product quality impressions
  • Customer service concerns
  • Company’s reputation
  • Reputation of the product or service
  • Competitors’ direct and indirect reputations

We may also use such quantitative tools as paper questionnaires, telephone interviews, organized surveys and focus groups to collect relevant statistical details about the company, product, service, competition or general marketplace.

Secondary Research

Mithras Investment performs secondary research to analyze existing data. We carefully select accurate resources, accredited studies and other hard facts upon which to base our conclusions. Generally, we review and analyze:

  • Internal data of the company, which may include analysis of relevant data maintained by key personnel in the management, marketing, accounting or another department to determine purchasing trends, primary customer complaints, product costs and other pertinent matters.
  • External information, such as assessment of proprietary databases to gather essential information about the industry, market or competitors. We may also evaluate existing studies conducted by reputable organizations, government agencies and universities.

Make Sound Business Decisions Based Upon Solid Research

Through primary and secondary research methods, Mithras Investments gathers the information you need to make sound decisions for your business. We custom design our research to fit your individual needs and goals.

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