Oil, Gas, Utilities & Alternative Energy

Building a comprehensive energy strategy in today’s marketplace requires in-depth understanding of the multi-faceted aspects of energy. This is a highly specified area of work. The world’s hunger for energy is met by oil, natural gas, biofuel, wind, solar, nuclear and hydroelectric power, which compete for their place in the U.S. and global market.

In addition, the production and delivery of energy casts a wide net over a variety of industries, including manufacturing, mining, drilling, shipping and construction. Today, it remains one of the most important areas of study, as many believe the energy industry holds answers for the future of society.

Mithras Investments, LLC gives businesses a complete analysis on the status of the energy market from all aspects. Our firm has energy experts located in regions throughout the world that deliver country specific information about energy-related investments.

Among the numerous top 500 U.S. corporations and multinational companies we have helped during the past decade are several multinational energy companies. Many of our projects involve millions of dollars in investments and high stakes for our clients. We, therefore, meticulously conduct our due diligence and risk assessment to devise solid risk mitigation solutions. We back our recommendations by accurate, relevant facts gathered by thorough primary and secondary research methods. We also negotiate sophisticated contracts and acquisitions that are favorable to our client’s position in the market.

Factors in Power and Utility Investment

The demand for power will never fade, but knowing how and when is key to making a smart investment in energy. Our firm assembles a team of experts who work on determining the viability and profitability of our client’s investment by analyzing such important factors as:

  • Laws of the relevant state or country
  • Environmental and labor regulations
  • Land use and zoning matters
  • Materials and vendor contracts
  • Storage and transport of raw materials
  • Import and export of energy resources
  • Safe disposal of waste product
  • Tax implications of energy decisions
  • Utilities construction and access rights
  • Available infrastructure
  • Sustainability of the energy source
  • Competition within the market
  • Conflict within the region that could bar transport

Our firm remains abreast of proposed and pending legislation that could affect our clients’ investments now and in the future and we explain possible regulatory restrictions and political roadblocks that might occur.

In addition, we keep up-to-date on the latest energy innovations in the pipeline that could mean exciting new options and investment opportunities in the various vital components of the energy sector.

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Mithras Investments is a leader in global energy sector consultation. Our firm maintains a network of worldwide consultants who specialize in country specific energy industry matters. Our team analyzes all aspects of your investment opportunities and recommends a strategic course of action to investing in energy. To learn more, schedule an appointment with our energy consultant. Call our firm at 1-305-517-7911 or send us an email. If you are an existing client, you may also log onto our client portal to receive immediate assistance.

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