Global Media, Marketing and Sales

The world is shrinking as the global economy grows. Businesses have increasing opportunities to expand into every corner of the world and Mithras Investments, LLC can lead the way. Our firm delivers the highly focused consulting services that give our clients the greater advantage … in any country, marketplace or industry.

We work with U.S. and multinational companies engaged in the banking, retail, manufacturing, technology, telecommunications and energy sectors. Most of our projects involve millions of dollars and high stakes for our clients’ businesses, but we also help competitive start-up businesses. So, we help top 500 corporations remain competitive and help build the brand of startups looking to make their mark in the global market.

We handle every aspect of marketing, from targeted research to specially designed media campaigns. Our global network of consulting and marketing professionals are located in regions throughout the world and maintain expertise in a wide scope of industries. Our worldwide presence allows us to remain proactive and responsive to the constantly changing marketplace.

Knowing the Market

A business that knows its market gains the greater advantage. Mithras Investments conducts the in-depth country-specific research about our client’s industry and individual business dealings. Depending on the particular needs of our client, we design primary and secondary research to gather facts about:

  • Target demographics
  • Customer impressions
  • Consumer likes and dislikes
  • Potential locations for expansion
  • Cultural aspects of a marketing campaign
  • Competitions’ strengths and weaknesses
  • Price and quality concerns
  • Marketing platforms

Our consultants deliver a complete analysis that helps our clients make important decisions regarding expansion, product release, advertising, corporate structure and investment.

Staying Ahead of Evolving Media

As media evolves so do the opportunities to engage a business’s customer base. The changes also open the door to a variety of questions and concerns about how to use these media platforms in a meaningful and appropriate manner. Our team remains up-to-date on media innovations. We constantly assess advances in technology, telecommunication, transmission and social media, while still recognizing the value in traditional forms of advertisement, such as print and word-of-mouth.

Marketing Campaign Due Diligence

Before embarking on a marketing campaign, we perform due diligence and risk analysis of proposed expansions and promotions. Our knowledgeable team guides clients in making the most productive use of their advertising dollars. We also ensure compliance with applicable U.S. and foreign laws and adherence to the cultures and traditions of intended demographics.

Make Informed Choices about Media, Advertising and Sales

Mithras Investments guides U.S. and international clients in making informed choices about media, advertising and sales. Our team assists with important research, due diligence, restructuring and consultation that give our clients the edge in the worldwide marketplace.

For more information about how we can design and implement your business strategy for today’s economy, schedule an appointment with our consultants. Call us at 1-305-517-7911 or send us an email.  If you are an existing client of Mithras Investments, you may log onto our client portal.

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