Manufacturing, Sourcing, Distribution & Retail

Mithras Investments, LLC is a U.S. based consulting firm with a global presence and clientele. Our firm partners with a vast network of experts in manufacturing, sourcing, distribution and retail sectors worldwide. We advise clients on making profitable U.S. and global investments in companies that contribute to the production chain or can build a company’s brand. In addition, our consultants guide companies in refining and streamlining their processes to cut costs, improve efficiency and produce a better product.

We tailor our consulting services to our client’s individual interests in a particular segment of the industry and the marketplaces where it intends to conduct business. Mithras Investments helps our clients gather pertinent data through our primary and secondary research methods. Our consultants also conduct meticulous due diligence to determine whether an investment makes sense for our client. When the client is ready to move forward, we prepare a strategy for negotiations that are favorable to our client.

Analysis of Current Processes and Policies

To remain competitive, businesses must continually improve their product, streamline their processes, develop new innovations or expand their market. Mithras Investments helps our clients gain the competitive edge. Depending on our client’s individual goals, our consultants may:

  • Review the company’s policies and processes
  • Analyze internal data for time or money wastes
  • Determine viability of a demographic or geographic market
  • Evaluate risks and recommend mitigation methods
  • Develop solid quality control at every phase of production and sale
  • Study potential investment opportunities
  • Research the competitors
  • Assess each stage of chain of production, including sourcing and shipping

Acquisitions and Mergers of Retail and Manufacturing Companies

Mithras Investments performs due diligence and risk analysis for our clients that are considering purchasing a company. After collection of relevant data, we deliver a full report on whether the investment makes sense and why. Aspects we evaluate include:

  • Current and target demographics
  • Retail location and market
  • Tariffs and shipping fees of foreign corporations
  • Quality of material and products
  • Compatibility with our client’s brand or image
  • Products in the R&D pipeline
  • Distribution mechanisms in place

Upon completing the merger, our team guides our client in reorganization of processes, structure and workforce.

Investing in the Global Retail Sector

The manufacturing and retail markets are invariably global, with some aspect or the entire process taking place overseas. We assemble a consulting team that best suits our client’s circumstances. Our network includes experts from a wide scope of manufacturing and retail sectors, including technology, fashion, food, construction, automotive and machinery, and who are knowledgeable about the climate and laws in the countries of business.

Make Strong Investment Decisions in the Retail and Manufacturing Industries

Mithras Investments assists our U.S. and global clients in making strong investments in the sourcing, distribution and retail industries. Our consultants guide you through each phase of the process, including research, due diligence, negotiations and restructuring. For assistance with your investment, call our firm at 1-305-517-7911 or send us an email to schedule an appointment. If you are an existing client of Mithras Investments, you may log onto our client portal.

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