Negotiations & Acquisitions

Mithras Investments, LLC is a global consulting firm that advises clients across a wide spectrum of industries and global regions. Based on meticulous due diligence and analysis, our team develops sophisticated strategies for negotiating contracts and acquisitions of companies within the United States and on a global level.

Mithras Investments maintains a worldwide network of consulting professionals who specialize in a variety of industries and markets. We partner with carefully chosen consultants with expertise in the industry, country and topics relevant to your transaction.

Our firm has a reputation for thoroughness, knowledge and discretion. We cross every “t” and dot every “i” while performing due diligence and risk analysis. We conduct negotiations based on comprehensive information accumulated by our experts, and act with discretion to keep our clients’ identities confidential until the deal is done. Confidentiality is important in order to not attract the attention of competitors that could interfere with or raise the price of the acquisition.

Merger and Acquisition Research and Due Diligence

Our clients that are contemplating merger with, or acquisition of a company count on us to conduct crucial due diligence on the perspective company and potential results of the acquisition. We consider every aspect of the deal, including:

  • Risks and benefits to stakeholders
  • Past profits and losses of the company
  • Assets and debts owned by the company
  • Effects of the countries’ laws on international acquisition
  • Cultural factors that might affect success of the merged operations
  • Structural and operational facets of the merger
  • Contractual obligations acquired under the merger
  • Costs of executive buyouts and retention
  • Tax liability and benefits arising from the merger
  • R&D and product pipeline
  • Rights to intellectual property, including patents and trademarks
  • Pending litigation, legal investigations and other liability matters

We come fully prepared to negotiate all essential matters pertaining to our client’s acquisition.

Negotiating on a Global Scale

Mithras Investments conducts strategic negotiations for clients acquiring companies across borders. Our resources range from the peak of the West to the center of Asia. We assemble a team best suited to handle each client’s transaction by considering the particular industry, countries and circumstances at issue in the deal. This client-targeted approach considers how a country’s culture, language, laws and politics come into play when doing business.

Our global negotiations extend to existing contractual matters between U.S. companies and foreign investors, suppliers, venders and costumers. We remain abreast of current prices, tariffs, laws, treaties and disruptions to the global market and economy.

Negotiate a Successful Merger or Acquisition

Mithras Investments negotiates M&A in the U.S. domestic and global marketplaces. We can handle all aspects of your merger or acquisition, including research, due diligence, risk analysis and strategic negotiations. To learn more about our fully integrated, comprehensive consulting services, schedule an appointment with our consultant at 1-305-517-7911 or send us an email using our online system. If you are an existing client, access our services by using our convenient client login terminal.

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